Isogenica is a discovery partner for companies developing novel biologics and diagnostics products.


Isogenica has two proprietary technologies:

CIS display: a powerful cell-free DNA display discovery platform enabling libraries sizes in excess of 10^13 to be displayed. The company has recently been applying next generation sequencing technology to comprehensively screen in silico peptide aptamer repertoires.

Colibra: a proprietary approach for generating highly functional codon-based libraries for protein engineers that enable greater precision in the design, greater functionality, less screening effort and better efficiency over current degenerate methods.

Technology features

Technology names: CIS display; Colibra           

Nature of molecules: Peptides, scaffolds, antibody


Selection methods: CIS display, phage.

Time required for binder selection on a given antigen: approximately 6 weeks, target dependent

Throughput capacity per year: >24,  depends upon product requirement

Average number of molecules selected on a given antigen: 10-100

Affinity range of the selected molecules: 100pM-1μM

Number of successful selection performed so far: >35

Functional molecules selected on a given antigen:  Antigens are confidential but successful selections include GPCRs, kinases, cytokines, receptors, enzymes, microbes, intracellular proteins